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/[weekly report on SMM antimony spot] antimony market lackluster transactions continue to shrink (July 29, 2019.07-august 02, 2019.08.02)
[weekly report on SMM antimony spot] antimony market lackluster transactions continue to shrink (July 29, 2019.07-august 02, 2019.08.02) 2019-08-05

Source: Shanghai nonferrous metals

SMM August 2, 2019

        With the national temperature gradually rising, antimony industry trading is more quiet, although this week did not continue to significantly lower antimony prices, but the volume of activity is worrying.Demand-side performance was lacklustre.

        Raw materials: due to the lack of interest from manufacturers in purchasing raw materials recently, and the rumor of environmental protection remediation investigation in some parts of China, the raw material market trading is very difficult to close this week, and the raw material supplier's willingness to ship increased, so the quotation also declined slightly.Buyers are expanding the price range, and buy carefully.

        Antimony ingot aspects: some large manufacturers price last week after shipment, manufacturer of action is more uniform, this week was the basic price is given priority to, the market sometimes appear a small amount of low price clinch a deal, but there are a number of manufacturers said the current market out-of-season, spell price behavior not bring volume of substantial change, combined with the current inventory pressure is not too much hidden trouble, and market prices have been close to the costs, smoothly through the off-season need most is the manufacturer.However, there are also many holders of the overall price trend in August expressed concern, considering the current demand situation, terminal consumption wait-and-see, speculative forces disappear, the market support behavior can only temporarily maintain, the overall price of antimony in August or to avoid the trend of low.By the end of the weekend SMM antimony average: 2 # low bismuth and antimony ingot 37500 yuan/ton, 1 # antimony ingot 38000 yuan/ton, 39000 yuan/ton 0 # antimony ingot, 2 # high bismuth and antimony ingot price 36250 yuan/ton, high bismuth and antimony ingot performance this week also disappoint the grocers, inquiries from shrinking from last week, market participants said that may be related to the difference between the 2 # antimony and bismuth ingot narrowed considerably.

          Antimony trioxide: and antimony ingot market performance consistent this week, antimony trioxide market weak support.As of the end of the week, the average price of SMM antimony trioxide was 99.5% at 33,500 yuan per ton and 99.8% at 35,000 yuan per ton.At present, from the feedback of businesses, antimony trioxide market transaction is weak, to a certain extent is also affected by some low quality supply of goods, expected in the short term antimony trioxide price is likely to continue to weaken, difficult to maintain a stable.

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