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Antimony trioxide Masterbatch EVA90

EVA90 is a masterbatch of 90% antimony trioxide based on EVA copolymer and can be used for both injection molding and extrusion (film) products. Suggested loading level : same quantity converted in antimony trioxide .considering that high quality antimony trioxide (99.80% purity) is used in this mas...

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Antimony trioxide Masterbatch PP80

Antimony trioxide Masterbatch PP80 Introduction Masterbatch PP80 is a pellet masterbatch of 80% antimony trioxide based on Polypropylene . It is mainly used in Polypropylene compounds. The masterbatch is dust-free and adaptable to automatic dosing compounding lines. Suggested loading level: same qua...

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antimony trioxide Masterbatch ABS80

Masterbatch ABS80 is a pellet masterbatch of 80% antimony trioxide based on ABS . The masterbatch is compatible to Styrenic compounds like ABS etc , and especially adaptable to automatic dosing compounding lines. Mixture proportion as per stipulation, evenly mixed with resin, then dry it off for imm...

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Antimony Trioxide Flame Retardant Masterbatch

Antimony trioxide flame retardant masterbatch is a substitute of antimony trioxide that was more and more widely adopted in advanced polymer and engineering plastic industry for flame retardant application. Products are usually supplied in granular form either as pellets or as micro granules. And we...

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dust-free antimony trioxide

Dust-Free Antimony Trioxide Usages: It is in fine particle with high dispersivity. It leaves the antimony trioxide powder in light wet state after the chemical treatment of its surface, so as to clean the dust that brings harm to persons in operation and to achieve effective retardation and plastica...

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